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Quinnipiac takes big steps during coronavirus fears - BREAKING NEWS

"...Quinnipiac will be transitioning to online classes for the rest of the spring semester, as the University attempts to keep students and faculty safe from the coronavirus..."

Quinnipiac Pledges to Take Anti-Racist Action on Campus - NEWS FEATURE

"...It’s been over a month since George Floyd was murdered, and people all across the world are still demanding action against racial injustice. Now, Quinnipiac University is joining the conversation. This comes after nationwide demands for more anti-racist educational institutions, and students are asking the question of how Quinnipiac fits into this..."

Both Sides of the Wall: What Being in Mexico Taught Me​ - OPINION FEATURE

"...A line drawn by hands who fear a color other than their own is not a line that should dictate who is human and our hearts should cross that border if our bodies will not. And whenever I see faces of children being torn away at the borders, people being turned away and unwelcome… I see the children I laughed with and learned with in Mexico..."

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