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2024 Legislative session starts

"The 2024 legislative session has started in Connecticut’s Capitol with committees already hard at work. Since it’s an even numbered year, the session is a shorter one with a deadline to adjourn no later than midnight May 8. So with just three months, rather than five, what should residents expect?"

How Connecticut's new housing policies will affect renters 

"Gov. Ned Lamont has signed one of the most contested bills this legislative session, a major housing policy package that includes new renters’ rights. Portions will go into effect over time, some as soon as later this year. 

The bill was heavily debated and stripped down, passing just in time before the end of the legislative session...."

New budget, new policies: Breaking down what's changing for Connecticut residents

"That budget includes a historic income tax cut, but it’s over 800 pages long with many other policies buried in it. It’s common for the budget to become a last-minute “wish list” and an opportunity to pass ideas and bills that didn’t pass on their own outside of the budget."

Connecticut has a plan to stop child trafficking, families can lead the way

"...said she often would wonder where the missing children on business billboards were and if this was trafficking within her community. It wasn’t until she saw trafficking within her own bubble that her preconceived notions of what it looked like, and where it was happening, burst."

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